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Best in Town – Colorado Springs

August 31, 2011

Today I’m linking up with Centsational Girl’s Best in Town link party. Most of the posts have to do with great coffee shops and tourist attractions and shopping. I’m going to go a different direction.

2 years ago, Josh and I were given Kenton Carew’s name as a possible realtor. It turns out that Josh grew up on the same street as Kenton and they had carpooled to school together. He talked us through our options and we decided that we weren’t quite ready to buy a house—something about student loans. With no pressure whatsoever, he asked us to give him a call when we were ready. We said we would.

Fast forward a year. The student loans were gone. We had saved some money up. We were ready, or so we thought. Within twenty-four hours of calling Kenton, we were set up with access to the MLS. We were searching and flagging homes, and Kenton was right there with us, making notes on possible houses and letting us know our options. He recommended a great mortgage broker, and we got the pre-approval process running. We saw dozens of houses (often with little notice), and Kenton never lost patience. We made our first offer! It was rejected and we were dejected. Kenton cheered us up, and we went through two more offers, neither of which was accepted.

We headed up to my grandparents’ house in the mountains for Thanksgiving. One morning while we were there, I decided to check the listings. A possible dream house hit our price range. I squeaked with excitement. I called over my aunts (real estate agents themselves). They squeaked. Josh looked at the house and grinned. The very next week, despite a crippling migraine, and an impending visit to the Pioneer Woman’s ranch, we visited the house. The electricity was off. It was cold. Kenton brought his flashlight so we could see the house. We fell in love with the house. Monday we made an offer.

The offer was accepted, but then we learned that the house was not an ordinary short-sale. There were three companies that had to sign off on the property—two mortgages and the IRS. Panic ensued. We got approval from mortgage holder one. Then we waited. For two long months. And Kenton waited with us. And he called us a lot to make sure that we knew that he was on it, and that he hadn’t forgotten us. He was doing everything he could to get us this house.

Finally, we pushed through to home inspections. There was an epic freeze in Colorado that week and nineteen pipes broke in the house. Kenton worked with the seller’s agent and got them fixed. The water heater broke. Kenton knew a guy. It was fixed in 24 hours. We needed a home inspector. Kenton knew a guy who was honest, reliable, and accurate. The FHA needed to inspect the house. We learned that we would be denied if there wasn’t a stove in the house. We found one on craigslist and Kenton got us access to the house to put our stove in, with the understanding that if the deal fell through, we could get our stove back out. The house had been vacant for 8 months. It was a little squidgy. To make sure we passed FHA, Kenton brought over his vacuum and did his best to clean up most of the dust and dirt. He swept up the drywall mess from the pipes. And he did it all without complaining or expecting anything from us. He was humble and helpful.

The day before closing, the IRS still hadn’t answered on whether we could get the house. Then the morning of closing not all of the paperwork was together. We panicked. He didn’t. He got us everything we needed, and we have a house to live in and love.

Kenton never treated us like we were less important because we didn’t have a half million to spend on a home. He treated us as I imagine he treats all of his clients—kindly, patiently, and with an attitude of service. I recommend him to everyone I know who needs a realtor. He’s simply the best realtor in Colorado Springs.

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