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Kenosha Pass Camping

August 17, 2011

Over last weekend, we went camping at Kenosha Pass campground with some of our favorite people—Josh’s brother Jon and his wife, Nicolette.

While Jon tried to conquer the rock that Nicolette had claimed for her own, things became heated. I threatened to throw them in the lake to cool them off.

Josh  tried a more direct approach, and Nicolette gave him a nice Shiner for his trouble.

He was very polite and thanked her.

We forgot to bring towels to dry hands and dishes, so we had to make do with the single roll of paper towels that I remembered to bring. At least the forest service made sure we didn’t run out of teepee.

On Saturday, we went for a nice long hike on the Colorado Trail, which was conveniently adjacent to our campground. A forest fire went through the area a few years back and the aspens have taken over. Gorgeous!

Saturday night, a hailstorm tried to ruin our in-tent viewing of Star Wars, A New Hope. Though it delayed our movie time by about half an hour, it couldn’t spoil our fun!

We’re already planning next year’s trip. And this time, I’ll remember the towels. I promise.

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