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We want this house!

January 14, 2011

3125 Serendipity, Colorado Springs

The house has 5 bedrooms (5!?! for two people—obscene, I know), 3 bathrooms, a living room, a family room and a huge corner lot! It has a good-sized kitchen, a covered back deck, and a private master bath (unusual in houses of this vintage.) Josh and I have wanted to live on this street for years, no joke. It’s one block away from his parents, and the front of the house faces a big open grassy field. It backs up to the greenway, a secluded walking path system in the city, and it is close to an elementary school. What’s not to love?!? Of course, we have an offer in on it, and the sellers have accepted it.

The kitchen. Not so bad, right? Until you see what the camera hides… Those tiny dots on the wallpaper, roosters! Millions of terrifying roosters. And on the other side of the kitchen, dark red plaid, a chair rail, and more roosters. They even wallpapered the utility box. No joke. And they installed a floor-to-ceiling spice rack that is as ugly as it is impractical. And there is a severe lack of cabinets. Because they made it an eat-in kitchen even though the dining room is, no joke, three feet away.

Oh, and the wallpaper. The horrors! Every. single. room. is wallpapered. And each room is a glimpse into a new era of wallpaper. It’s like a wallpaper timeline! I think I’m going to be great friends with a wallpaper scraper.

The master bathroom. Great, wonderful, or so it seems… The listing says double sinks. Ha! The “second sink” is the reflection! 🙂 Clearly the listing agent was drinking when he wrote this. Also cleverly camouflaged, is the um, interesting, light fixture. In the 70s, it was a big thing to have lantern-style hanging fixtures. Since this house was built in 1971, it was wired for that. When the previous owners updated, instead of moving the wiring down into the wall, they hung the light bar ON THE CEILING! When our agent was walking us through, we all looked up and laughed. It was a good moment.

I don’t have any pictures of the faux stone paneling on the downstairs fireplace, or the creepy serial-killer deck that needs a good powerwashing. But know they’re there. Or the roof that needs replacing in the next 5 years. Or the furnace that’s older than Josh. Or the windows. Or the gutterless sides of the house. Trifles, all of them. Expensive trifles, but trifles, nonetheless. For the overwhelming goodness that is this house, I’m thinking those can all be overcome. Now, if only the bank would stop dithering (it’s a short sale) and give us an answer. We need to know by January 27, and that is fast upon us.

By the way, anyone wanna help us move?

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  1. polly permalink
    January 14, 2011 2:18 pm

    and it’s on serendipity! how cool is that. it has a great location X3 and good bones. and you are related to those who are good with hammers and decorating. i’ll pray!

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