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The Stunning Conclusion

June 18, 2010

As you, my one avid reader knows, I have been in the long process of updating my home office. I chose a brown and green theme because I’m cheap and I already had the comforter. I originally chose the comforter because the wall was green, and I paid money to get it green, and I didn’t want to repaint it. I’m serious.

So many of my design decisions revolve around what costs the least money and/or involves the fewest decisions. I have no problem with putting forth physical labor, but like my friend Lindsey says, “The trouble in life is the choice.” As a matter of fact, I didn’t really choose the comforter. It was on sale at Target, and it matched the aforementioned green wall.

Most of the office has been done for a few weeks. All that remained was a French memo board for above my desk. I scoured Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, but couldn’t find what I wanted. I found the perfect memo board on, but it was $50, and I’m cheap. So I decided to make my own. It now hangs above my desk:

And, better yet, it only cost me a whopping $12 to make! Please note, that number does not include the 4 hours I spent hand-covering each of the buttons, and then painstakingly stitching them all on. No, I will not make you one. I highly doubt I will ever make myself one again.

Once I had this wonderful piece of art above my desk, I thought to myself: “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if my desk chair was better than this horrible craigslist monstrosity?” So, I went garage-saling with my friend Ellen, and found a steal of a deal—a beautiful chair for a mere $15. By beautiful, I mean a few small scratches, and a badly water-stained microfiber seat cushion. I got to work with the screwdriver and the staple gun and recovered that seat. And, by a crazy random happenstance, I had just enough fabric left from my French memo board to make the two match!

See? And notice that the lattice-work of the chair mirrors the lattice-work of the memo board! It’s like I planned it or something. (Which we all know is a lie.)

That’s all for this week’s exciting chronicle in the life of the world’s cheapest, most decision paralyzed apartment decorator. Join us next week when we begin tackling a refinishing project! (I think my electric sander just ran for cover!)

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